HPC Solution

ServerBestBuy’s HPC solution is ideal for applications that require maximum amount of processor cores and memory. Based on the latest Intel E7-4800 v2 (up to 15 cores) processor, the 4-way server can accommodate up to 60 cores/120 threads and 6TB memory yet to fit in 4U form factor. For customers who need high-density computing power, the 1U or 2U 4-way servers can be their perfect choices. Based on the latest Intel E5-4600 v2 (up to 12 cores) processor, these 4-way servers can accommodate up to 48 cores/96 threads and 1TB memory.

ServerBestBuy’s HPC solution is optimized for Virtualization, Database, Simulation, CAD, Engineering, Research, and Artificial Intelligence, etc. Contact us for configuration and best price quote.

SYS-8016B-TLF / SYS-8016B-6F/TF SYS-8017R-TF+ / SYS-8017R-7FT+
SYS-8026B-TLF / SYS-8026B-6F/TF SYS-8027R-TF+ / SYS-8027R-7FT+
SYS-8047R-TRF+ / SYS-8047R-7RFT+ SYS-8047R-7JRFT
SYS-8046B-TRF / SYS-8046B-6RF SYS-4047R-7JRFT